A major strength of Cube Automation is their deep knowledge of Food Processes. Using Lean Manufacturing principles & techniques, we can Engineer & Design your ideal Production Line or Whole Factory Design. Defining best process steps and optimal floor layout, we suggest the right equipment to suits your needs and evaluate required employee number and return on investment ratio. We can also help you develop 3-5 years improvement plans, taking into account your budget and priorities.


  • Process Diagram
  • Process Calculation
  • Floor Plan
  • Cost Evaluation
  • Return on Investment


When OEM’s need engineering support, innovative ideas, flexible equipment and software solutions to improve manufacturing throughput & yield, they depend on Cube Automation. We service a variety of industries, all expecting exceptional quality, service and productivity improvements throughout their manufacturing process. Integrating lean manufacturing into your business, Cube’s engineering team will help you streamline your process and bottom line performance.

Analyzing Your Process


Delivering You the Solution