Sea Cucumber Processing Line


  • Cocoon Cut.
  • Turnkey automated processing line.
  • Proven system.

Sea Cucumber

Cube Automation offers a sea cucumber (holoturian) evisceration and guting line, for the production of the Cocoon Cut (also called Football Cut). Optimized for the Cucumaria Frondosa specie, our semi-automated and fully automated production line allows to clean sea cucumbers without removing its flesh or damaging its skin.

Cube Automation is the Canadian leader in sea cucumber automation because it has set up the most sea cucumber processing lines in Canada.

We also offer complete processing lines for the production of other sea cucumber products such as the Butterfly Cut, dried, cooked and frozen cucumber.

  • Semi-Automated Line: For small to medium size processing.
  • Fully Automated Line: Large size processing.

Automated Sea Cucumber Processing Line

Our processing lines can include:

  • Evisceration (Gutting);
  • Cooking;
  • Freezing;
  • Drying;
  • Automated grading and sorting;
  • Weighing;
  • Packaging;
  • Traceability;

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