One Tool from the Executive Level to the Shop Floor


Smart Factoree™ is a modular software system designed to help companies manage their operations, while improving overall efficiency, yield and traceability.

Developed on the needs and priorities of the Food & Seafood Industry, Smart Factoree™ offers industrial production managers and team leaders the tools they need to coordinate their work, anticipate their needs and analyze their production.

  • Imagine all major equipment in your factory and across your organization working efficiently!
  • All major key indicators brought to a central dashboard and all your leaders and management team aligned and focusing on the same objectives.


  • Eliminates or significantly reduces shipping losses.
  • Traceability and lean manufacturing combined into one tool
  • Scalable system from a single machine to multiple factories
  • No need to change your accounting system
  • Connect to most equipment & machinery

Before smart phones, people had to carry many devices.

multitoolLike a smart phone, Smart Factoree™ is a set of software and tools packaged into one to simplify and optimize the management of your operation.

  • MES, Manufacturing Execution System
  • OEE, Real Time efficiency System
  • MRP, Manufacturing Requirement Planning
  • Coding, Weighting & Inventory
  • Production SOP, Standard Operating Procedure
  • Multiple Plant and System Capacity


  • Traceability and inventory control
  • Overall equipment effectiveness
  • Production Management
  • Mix and Batch Control
  • Productivity Analysis
  • People Management