From Conception to Installation, our Expertise will Adapted to your Grading needs

Through our equipment partner Vendee Concepts, Cube Automation offers a complete line of Grading Equipment. Designed specifically for the Food Processing Industry, our grading equipment will sort your product according to your weight and sizing requirements, simply by entering the specifications in the machine program. Pioneers in in-line weighing, Cube & Vendee provide decades of in-depth knowledge and experience focused on improving your throughput and yield, while optimizing your overall production performance.

Cube Automation offers (3) categories of weight sorting machines: Calibra CD (for batching & sizing), Calibra CC (the compact model) and the Calibra LA (overhead grading and conveying). The Calibra CV option carries out vision-based sorting using a video camera.


CALIBRA CD – Grader & Batcher


A genuine expert in in-line weighing

The CALIBRA CD integrates 99 grading programs. Simply input the container’s desired weight and the machine will group the food products in a buffer tray until the target is reached.

To optimize overall throughput the conveyors upstream and downstream of the weighing station are laid out according to your shop floor’s configuration.

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CALIBRA CC – Compact Grader


The cost effective solution

The CALIBRA CC is the cost effective solution for small to mid-sized companies. It associates high efficiency with small size, taking up little floor space and is easy to maintain and service. The CALIBRA CC discharges the food products through 6 to 8 stations that operate in-line or two-by-two.

The CALIBRA CC’s photocells detect the product’s weight and size, while the machine operates according to your finished product’s specifications. The machine can also sort several products simultaneously and at high speed.

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CALIBRA CV – Vision based Grader


Performance-driven Technology

The vision-based grader was initially designed to serve the North-American oysters farms that needed to sort their products by size rather than by weight. It can now grade a variety of sea products: scallops, crabs, oysters.

The video camera of the CALIBRA CV measures the width and length of each product individually. It then sorts them by size and transfers them to the corresponding tray on a conveyor.

Program the target size and monitor in real time on the screen to manage your output.

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CALIBRA LA – Overhead Grader / Conveyor


A unique grading system

VENDEE CONCEPT offers a solution for the meat & poultry industry: the overhead grader with tilting trays. This unique machine performs weighing and cooling in-line.

  • Free floor space with the CALIBRA LA’s overhead conveyors.
  • Overhead in-line weighing is particularly suited for fresh whole or cut poultry and other meat products.
  • To give you maximum flexibility, the machine’s control software manages the production line and communicates the data in real time.

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