First Oyster Video Grader in North America

From an entry-level grader to a multi-line grading system, you will find it here.

20 Years of Experience
Largest Automated Oyster Grader in the World!

Through our equipment partnership with Vendée Concepts, Cube Automation offers a complete line of grading equipment. Pioneers in in-line weighing and grading, we supplied the first oyster video grading machine in North America. We just supplied the largest automated oyster grader in the world.

With over 2000 graders worldwide, Cube & Vendée supplied 100 vision-based graders, 50 of which were specifically designed for the needs of North American processors. Cube’s team of 20 provides in-depth knowledge and experience focused on improving your throughput performance.

2D-3D Weight Oyster Grader
Performance-Driven Technology

The video camera of the oyster grader measures the width and length of each product individually; it also measures by chosen weight and sorts by size. The automated system counts, batches, and transfers product to the corresponding tray on a conveyor, helping you program the target size and monitor in real time on the screen to manage your output.

Incline Conveyor

Rinse Conveyor

Alignment Tube

Singulating Conveyor

Air Ejector

Batching Function