February 2015 – Cube Newsletter

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Reduce Manpower – Paperless Traceability:

Cube Automation LogoWish you had leaner operations?

Let us offer you automation with lean in mind. A team of seasoned engineers and technicians will design a customized solution for your needs. Get an edge over competition using these solutions:

Simplified Traceability

feb_news_2Behind the curve with traceability?

Benefits from our Coding and Traceability computerized system:

  • Batch Process tracking
  • Barcode and labelling
  • Inventory management
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Help you meet certifications
  • Can be used as a management tool

Shellfish Factory Automation

feb_news_3Lacking Labor?

An automatic grader can saves you up to 30% manpower. These dependable equipment can be used to sort various products:

  • Whole lobsters
  • Lobster tails
  • Snow crab clusters
  • Oysters (weight or vision)
  • Dosing / batching functions

Productivity Monitoring

feb_news_4Loosing track of employee productivity?

Our Productivity Analysis and People software modules allow you to monitor production progress from your desk, make prediction and manage by facts. Visualize:

  • OEE (Overall Equip. Efficiency)
  • Equipment activity
  • Downtimes
  • Employee activity
  • Bonus
  • Timeclock

Management Software Tool 

factoree_smIf your company could talk, what would she say?

Our Smart Factoree TM Software Suite will help you translate production data into manageable facts. We will suggest the best software module to suit your need:

  • Productivity Analysis
  • Coding and Traceability
  • Bonus and People
  • Production Management
  • Mixing and Batching

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